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Author Topic: SIGNUP: Eggy  (Read 2622 times)


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« on: June 26, 2015, 09:29:01 pm »

Game I am joining for: Planetside 2.  I am already in the outfit in game.

Ingame Name: Eggy

Age: 38

Country: United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Previous Game/Clan Play Experience:
I am a member of the "Total Oblivion" gaming community and have been since the early days of PS1.  They were never very active in PS2 because the vehicle game is poo, as is the overall resource management and strategy.  I still play tonnes though as I find it fun most of the time.
Mostly I play Engineer or Heavy as a trooper.  My lightning, prowler and harasser are all kitted out pretty well and I enjoy using all 3.  I cant pilot in PS2 at all.  I can fly or shoot, not both at the same time.

I like playing good single player RPGs such as Elder Scrolls Games, Fallouts, DaO and  Mass Effects.
I also enjoy strategy games like the new Xcom, Settlers and Anno.

I enjoyed WoW immensely at release but enjoyed it less and less with each expansion.  I  helped run a large guild in Vanila and TBC.  More accessible to casual play made it less fun imo.  I tried the last expansion and gave up.  Garrisons are just poo.
I have played a number of Wow clones, most of them short lived.

I enjoyed global agenda alot, no one seemed to play it though so I gave up.
I played PS1 for a long time and only gave up because it was impossible to play Wow and PS1 at the same time.  Not enough hours in the day.

Im sure there are a billion other games Ive played since I pre date Steam.

Im a Software Engineer by trade, with the highlight being 3 months in Seatle for MS.

Thats about it I think.

Oh yeah since I have spent some time on Team Speak.
... I like boobs, cake and am indifferent towards Dragons of both sexes.


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Re: SIGNUP: Eggy
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2015, 07:57:20 pm »

Indifferent towards Dragons?  You've started off falling into the bad books of one of our community members...

and into the good books of the rest of us.

You have good taste in games old man, welcome in <3
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Re: SIGNUP: Eggy
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2015, 10:02:51 am »

I'm not too sure we can accept you as new member of the community.

J/k! Welcome aboard
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